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Solvent-based acrylate adhesives

This product range consists of solvent-based adhesives (PSAs) in organic solvents. Depending on the requirement and customer wishes, these are either in the form of pure acrylate adhesives or formulations modified with resins and/or crosslinking agents. This enables tailor-made property profiles, such as in relation to adhesive strength and shear strength, to be achieved. The table depicts the typical representatives of this product class in our portfolio. Please contact us for more detailed information on the individual products.

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Solvent-free acrylate adhesives

Our hotmelts are solvent-free systems, which are melted by the administration of heat and then applied. Depending on the requirement, either pure acrylate-based hot melts or formulations modified using resins and/or plasticisers can preferentially be used. The performance of our hot melts can be individually varied to fulfil the requirements for the relevant operating range. Please contact us for more detailed information on our product portfolio and the individual products.

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