Disclosure of information to the public in accordance with § 8a of the 12th Ordinance of the BImSchV (German Immission Control Act)

The POLY-CHEM GmbH production facility for manufacturing polymers and speciality chemicals consists of a multi-purpose plant in accordance with § 6(2) BImSchG, which is used to manufacture a wide range of products. Its main products include the solvent-based adhesives as well as environmentally friendly hot melts without solvents. Also produced are solvent-free polyacrylates for sealants and adhesive tapes, polyacrylates for the coatings industry as well as polymeric additives for diverse industrial applications. Speciality chemicals are produced both in liquid and solid form and are used in a wide range of industries.

The production facility is designed for a capacity of 20,000 t/a. In addition to these plant complexes, the production facility also includes a tank farm for the storage of 1,125 m³ of combustible and non-combustible materials, warehouses for transportable containers and auxiliary facilities. The auxiliary facilities include a filling point for road tankers.

In the production facility, substances and mixtures of substances are handled (these are specified in Annex I of the Hazardous Incident Ordinance). These are toxic, very toxic, inflammable, highly inflammable and environmentally hazardous substances in various quantities and concentrations.
Due to the quantities of hazardous substances to be considered, § 9 to 12 of the 12th Ordinance of the BImSchV apply here. This means that the production facility has to comply with the extended obligations laid down in the Hazardous Incident Ordinance.

An installation-related safety report (§ 9 of the 12th Ordinance of the BImSchV) has been prepared in relation to the approval procedure. In addition, there also exist a safety management system, an operational hazard prevention plan and a fire-fighting plan. The production facility, all warehouses and the auxiliary facilities are equipped with an automatic fire-alarm system that possesses a direct connection to the Securitas site fire department. There are also semi-fixed fire-fighting systems in the production building, the tank farm, the warehouses for transportable containers and at the filling point for road tankers.

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