28.Feb.2022 UV hotmelt for medical skin applications

With the acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive MELTIS® UV 505, the POLY-CHEM GmbH has integrated a product for medical applications (e.g. patches, electrodes, measuring probes, wearables, etc.) that has been tested for skin contact. The UV hotmelt was tested for cytotoxicity at a renowned testing institute and certified as non-cytotoxic (ISO 10993-5: 2009). By the way, the products MELTIS® UV 204, MELTIS® UV 250 and MELTIS® UV 260 were also examined and declared as non-cytotoxic. Furthermore, the adhesive MELTIS® UV 505 was tested for skin irritation (ISO 10993-23:2021; RhE in vitro irritation) and skin sensitization (ISO 10993-10:2010(E); Local lymph node assay, LLNA) and rated as non-irritating and non-sensitizing. Thus, the POLY-CHEM GmbH can expand the range of its products applications and offer an official proven adhesive for medical applications on human skin.