28.Feb.2022 New acrylic soft resin MELTIS® 125

The POLY-CHEM GmbH has expanded its product portfolio with an acrylate-based soft resin. MELTIS® 125 is a solvent-free, highly viscous, transparent and sticky liquid. It can be used as an adhesion-improving additive in solvent-based, solvent-free and dispersion adhesives. The excellent dispersibility can be attributed to the composition of the acrylate copolymer. Due to the comparatively low molecular weight of this polyacrylate, it is very well suited for setting tack and low-temperature flexibility. In addition, MELTIS® 125 is suitable for modifying lacquers and plastics. It can be used as a plasticizer (alone or in combination), e.g. in sealants. Migration of the plasticizer is not to be expected due to the macromolecular structure. As a pure acrylate, it is characterized by excellent resistance to external environmental influences and excellent aging stability. Thus, in addition to MELTIS® 105 and MELTIS® 135, a new acrylic soft resin is now available by POLY-CHEM GmbH.