As one of the biggest producers of acrylate-based, pressure-sensitive adhesives for the labelling and adhesive tape industries, as well as for sealing materials, we possess a great deal of experience in the manufacture of polymers. In particular, our product range includes solvent-based and solvent-free hotmelt adhesives. We also produce polyacrylates for the paint industry and polymer additives for all types of industrial applications, etc.

Additionally, we are environmentally conscious: Our hotmelt adhesives work without any solvent at all. They are free of any volatile components right during the manufacturing process, making them exceptionally environmentally friendly. As a result, we spare the customer complex drying processes and contact with flammable solvents. Furthermore, the characteristics of our hotmelt adhesives are in no way inferior to those of solvent-based systems.

Whether you require a product that is highly shear resistant, highly adhesive, permanent or repositionable - we will be happy to develop a customised adhesive solution to meet your needs. If a new development results in a unique product for a niche application: Even better for you.

In addition to producing bulk goods, we happily accommodate custom product specifications. Our products can be delivered in barrels, as well as in heatable stainless steel containers. Our ideally situated location in Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemical Park means that production capacity is guaranteed.

Well-known manufacturers of self-adhesive products throughout Europe have learned to appreciate our vast experience and high standards of product quality. They count on us. And soon you will, too!

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The history of POLY-CHEM GmbH is firmly rooted in our customer service philosophy. Since our founding in 2000, we have considered ourselves a service provider capable of handling even the most unique requests. This mostly involves manufacturing adhesives, producing formulations according to customer specifications and speciality chemicals. We have a wide variety of facilities, which include classic heatable and coolable stirred reactors in stainless steel or steel-enamelled designs with nominal volumes of 2.5...25 m³. These are connected to conventional peripheral equipment such as dosing, vacuum and feed pumps, various input and output systems, dosing vessels, condensers, receiving tanks, heat exchangers, etc. and can be expanded as needed.

The bandwidth of the resulting applications for our products is just as varied as our possibilities. For example, we supply the automotive sector, printing ink formulators, the plastic-processing industry and more. Our customers know that we grow with products, and that our job is not done with the synthesis and process development. Constant improvement, application of interdisciplinary knowledge and the economic optimisation of the development projects are all part of our daily business.

It is hard to limit the richness of our possibilities as adhesive manufacturer. Just ask us! If we are not in a position to carry out an assignment single-handedly, we have excellent contacts with partner companies, which may help you achieve your aims.

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