Polymerisation, Special Chemicals, Services


  • Foundation of ChemCycle Bitterfeld GmbH
  • Acquisition of a production building with 2,000 m³ tank storage facilities in the Bitterfeld -Wolfen industrial park
  • Commissioning of a new computer-driven mixing system for adhesive dispersions with a capacity of 5,000t per year.
  • Bendorf site closed and VAKU Chemie-Recycling GmbH transferred to Bitterfeld

    • Acquisition of an administration building
    • Expansion of production capacity for preservatives
    • Start of production in the Bitterfeld-Wolfen chemical plant

    • Entering a product consolidation phase

    •  Product expansion in preservatives, sales growth in respect of adhesives within the framework of existing customer contacts
    • Increasing stress on the speciality chemicals business

    • Sale of the adhesives business ("Dr. Miller Klebstoff GmbH") to the Planatol Group on 15/11/2005 and the preservatives business ("Milker & Grüning GmbH") to ISP on 07/04/2006
    • Concentration of all remaining production at the Bitterfeld site under the umbrella of ChemCycle Bitterfeld GmbH

    2007 - 2009
    • Consolidation phase

    • Change of legal form from 01/01/2010: POLY-CHEM AG
    • Expansion of the polymer business
    • Scaling up of further speciality chemicals
    • Strengthening of production capacity through various investments
    • Erection of a 1200 m² multi-purpose building with workshop and warehouse

      • Erection of a multi-purpose plant (20 m³ stainless steel reactor, 20 plate distillation column)
      • Expansion of the plant's capacity by a 5 m³ stainless steel pressure nutsch filter

      • Expansion of the plant's capacity by two polymerisation reaction vessels (enamelled 6.3 m³ reaction vessel, 6.3 m³ stainless steel mixer with filtration unit),
      • Erection of a 27 m³ batch mixer to increase production capacity in the adhesives sector
      • New company logo and new corporate design
      • Distribution strengthened by appointment of a commercial director

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