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Excellent prospects

POLY-CHEM GmbH is an expanding, medium-sized chemicals company. Our products are distributed worldwide. Our main focus is the production of acrylate-based polymers and an exceptional range of specialty chemicals. Additionally, this comprehensive portfolio is supplemented by countless custom-madeservice solutions in the field of chemical processes to meet various customer requirements.

Modern high-tech equipment from the laboratory right until production ensures that the customers' requirements can be realised professionally and rapidly. Our development department comprises experienced chemists from different fields, who know how to work in a focused and interdisciplinary manner in order to find an efficient solution. In addition to classic synthesis and process development in the laboratory, they accompany the products from scale up through to production. We do not see ourselves purely as a commissioned manufacturer or standard producer, but as a partner who recognises problems and issues and works together with the customer to overcome them.

Our ideal site in the Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemistry Park provides us with an excellent starting point. Not only do we benefit from the long tradition of this world famous chemical industry site, but we also see ourselves as part of a modern chemical network with unique synergies.

Our customers are, and continue to be, our best reference. We are your reliable partner in close to every area of chemical production and process.

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