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We have a wide variety of facilities, which enables us to produce a broad range of speciality chemicals in liquid and solid forms. This includes classic steel, stainless steel or enamelled stirred reactors with nominal volumes of 1,6…27 m³, which can be heated by saturated steam (140…150 °C) or electricity (max. 230 °C) depending on the configuration. In addition to the usual peripheral equipment associated with reactors of this kind (dosing, vacuum and feed pumps, various input and output systems, dosing vessels, condensers, templates, heat exchangers, etc.), they can be linked to various systems for processing solids (2 stainless steel pressure nutsch filters, paddle dryer, conical dryer, and filtration system for solids with a particle diameter of < 0,1 µm).


According to the Seveso II guidelines, POLY-CHEM is an EX company and holds a permit for handling 50,000 tonnes of flammable and poisonous substances per year.

According to Section 4 BImSchG, POLY-CHEM AG also holds a comprehensive operating permit for eight organic chemistry basic reactions:

  • Alkylation
  • Halogenation
  • Condensation
  • Neutralisation
  • Polymerisation
  • Esterification
  • Addition reactions
  • Saponification

It is thus possible for us to carry out a broad range of chemical reactions in impressive quantities for a medium sized company.

Examples: For example, we have been working for years with large quantities (> 300 tonnes per year) of highly reactive isocyanates without accidents.We use them as a raw material for several special carbamates.

Or we are one of the few companies in Europe to carry out radical polymerisation in quantities exceeding 1,000 tonnes per year.

The bandwidth of the resulting applications for our products is just as varied as our possibilities. So, for example, you find our products in the automotive industry, in printing inks, in preservatives or in various plastics for whose manufacture we produce catalysts.

Our customers know that we grow with our products, and that our job is not over with the synthesis and process development. Constant improvement, application of interdisciplinary knowledge and economic optimisation of our speciality chemical projects are all part of our daily concerns.

It is hard to delimit the richness of our possibilities in the speciality chemicals sector. Just ask us! If we are not in a position to carry out an assignment single-handedly, we have excellent contact with partner companies, which may help you achieve your aims.

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