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Great experience

The history of POLY-CHEM AG is firmly rooted in our customer service philosophy. Since our founding in 2000, we have considered ourselves a service provider, which is capable of managing even exotic requirements. This applies particularly to the receipt and processing of damaged and secondary chemicals, either through commissioning or by direct receipt of the materials themselves.


In accordance with Section 4 BImSchG we hold a permit for the receipt and processing of up to 55,000 tonnes of solvents and waste per year. Our tank storage facilities have a capacity of 2,000m³ and have a permit for all classes of flammable liquids, which is very difficult to obtain nowadays. 

The list of waste that we are permitted to handle is very comprehensive. Our outstanding permit for carrying out 8 organic chemistry basic reactions distinguishes us completely from classic commissioned distillers. As a result, we are not limited to merely physical methods, but can also tackle separation or processing problems using a broad range of chemical processes.

This excellent position with regard to permits is unique and guarantees us a leading position in the market.


Whether a solvent lot was contaminated in an unclean tank, there's something wrong in the mixing, reject or off-spec lots need processing or the run-off from a chemical synthesis needs recycling, we will take care of it.

Nowadays our contacts spread far beyond the borders of Europe and our customers know how fast and reliable we are in our work. Accepting even large quantities of materials is no problem for us, since our tank storage facilities provide a comfortable buffer for the time before processing. This saves valuable storage space and enables you to dispose of your "problem chemicals" quickly.

Many problems never recur in quite the same way once the affected batch has been processed, meaning that over the years we have built up a wealth of experience.
Consequently we are able to decide quickly, sometimes even immediately over the telephone, what is to be done with the lot in question.

Our expertise in handling side streams containing iodine is particularly noteworthy. Provided that the materials do not contain more than 5% iodine (no matter in what form), we are happy to accept it.

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