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As one of the biggest manufacturers of pressure-sensitive adhesives, we possess a great deal of experience in the manufacture of polymers.

Among our main products are the pressure-sensitive adhesives containing solvents for the labelling and adhesive tape industries - our hot-melt adhesives are free from flammable solvents, all their volatile substances are completely removed during production and therefore they are particularly environmentally friendly. We thereby spare the customer complex drying processes and the contact with flammable solvents. Delivery can be in barrels as well as in heated stainless steel containers. Furthermore, in many of its characteristics, the performance of our hot-melt adhesives is in no way inferior to that of solvent based systems.

Well-known manufacturers of self-adhesive products throughout Europe have learned to appreciate this and trust in our experience.

Whether you require a product that is highly shear resistant, highly adhesive or semi repositionable, we will be happy to develop a specific pressure-sensitive adhesive solution to meet your needs. Our site in Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemical park means that production capacity is guaranteed.

And, of course, we are also doing our bit for the environment. We offer to take back any residual solvents in the same tank lorry in which the adhesive is delivered. They are then recovered through a special process in-house and returned to the production process.

In addition to producing bulk goods, we will be happy to attend to your individual product requirements. We are manufacturers of solvent-free polyacrylates for sealants and adhesive tapes, polyacrylates for the paint industry, polymer additives for various industrial applications and we support our customers in the development of their products as contract manufacturers. We welcome your request.   

If that results in a unique product for a niche application: Even better for you.

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